On-site safety inspections

We can provide on-site inspection for your HAZMAT shipment.

DOT required training classes

Let us help you take the worries out of providing QUALITY, UP-TO-DATE training, testing and certification for your staff.

Hazard classification of products

In the US DOT regulations found in CFR 49 Parts 100-185 there are specific guidelines for the proper classification of chemicals and blends of chemicals. If you are having problems wading thru all of the confusing regulations from OSHA EPA DOT for the proper classification we can help.

Spill response – cleanup – disposal

Do you need assistance with spill cleanup and mitigation issues? We can help!

DOT/IATA/ICAO And IMO consultation

We have hands-on and seasoned professionals who can guide you through the ever-changing rules and regulations to keep you in compliance.

Design and prototype for UN spec packages

In 1991, when UN Packing became mandatory, we were one of the 1st companies that offers packaging design, and testing for compliance. In 2017, we are still among the leaders as a source for these needs.

Review and preparation of SDS

We can review and prepare current documents to meet the latest D.O.T. and OSHA regulations.

Fire code storage compliance issues

do you need fire code storage compliance? We can walk you through complex local and NFPA fire code rules.

Hazardous material packing

Our team of hands-on consultants can point you to the right direction for proper classification of your materials. Since 1981, with the transition to UN Specification Packaging first started, we were in the front line in making these changes.

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We are a hands-on company that specializes in the field of Hazardous Materials Regulations. We provide services to a variety of customers from large chemical companies to small independently owned businesses.

Dangerousgoods.com, Inc. is a family owned corporation since 1980 our staff has not have been involved in day to day, operating skills in the safe handling of materials identified as “hazardous” or “dangerous”. The company was founded under the guidance of Larry Snellings, whom many in the Gulf Coast Region consider to be the “GURU” of hazardous materials regulations.

Read about the story of Larry Snellings

Mission Statement

As officers of Dangerousgoods.com, Inc., we hereby make this mission statement to our customers and employees.

Our mission in establishing Dangerousgoods.com, Inc. is to provide a service-oriented quality based operation providing complete assistance to customers for the Safe Transport of dangerous goods by all modes of transportation.

Our mission is to strive to stay abreast of current regulations and impending changes to provide accurate information to those companies or individuals who come to us for assistance.

Our mission is to encourage customers to grow and learn in a supportive environment. Always working to improve their level of knowledge of current regulations and new products for the safe transport of dangerous goods.

Our mission is to proudly put our name on the products and services provided by our company with craftsmanship of old, when men did not need to question if you were providing a quality product. Dangerousgoods.com, Inc. is and will always be a CRAFTSMANSHIP ORIENTED company.


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