Often someone will try to guess or bluff their way through shipping regulations. This can also be a very costly avenue to take, as fines have increased, and security is even tighter, since September 11, 2001.

As one of our varied services in the transportation industry, we can also provide you with over 20 years of hands on knowledge, to solve your shipping and training needs.

If you not sure:

What the laws are?

Who they apply to?

When do you have to train?

Where do I get UN Packaging?

WE can answer all off your questions without you getting a visit from the DOT-EPA-OSHA!

We have provided consulting to companies of varying sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. We currently are on retainer by over 10 major corporations to assist them with their shipping and training needs.

“If you need help, call upon us to solve your dilemma. We offer customized programs for consulting and research to meet your individual needs”.

By the hour: $ 225.00 per hour.

By the month: $ 350.00 per month for up to two hours per month, billed quarterly.

By the year: $ 2500.00 per year, billed annually (with two hours per month).

Additional hours without a contract, billed at $ 225.00 per hour, plus expenses.

Additional hours with a contract, billed at $ 200.00 per hour, plus expenses.

On site time, out of the Houston area, to include airfare, hotel, and car rental expenses.

If you need assistance with training, packaging, classification, or shipping, please call us. We CAN help!

If you have gotten a notice of PROBABLE violation from the DOT-EPA-OSHA, please call us. We CAN help!

Thank you.