The Story of Larry Snelling

AS EARLY AS 8 YEARS OLD, I was an entrepreneur – my first business adventure was starting my own shoe shine business by making a shoe shine box out of a discarded apple crate form the local grocery store in our east end neighborhood off Harrisburg and Eastwood street.

BY AGE 14 HAD GROWN INTO WORKING AT FIRST REAL JOB AT BORDENS ICE CREAM PARLOR. Here I was able to learn the ins and outs of dealing with customers from all walks of life. Everyone likes an ice cream soda – banana split – or milkshake – from this job I learned the responsibility of being on time and providing the customer with the best service possible – so that they felt good and wanted to return again and again- this is a policy we practice here at Inc. We work hard for you and do our best to keep you satisfied so you come back again and again.

FIRST CORPORATE JOB – HUMBLE OIL COMPANY DOWNTOWN HOUSTON 1968. In our lives, we meet very few people who leave a never ending impression on us – that person for me was Mr. Paul Gaines from Sam Houston high school – my high school vocational teacher. Thru his guidance and perseverance, he worked with high school students who wanted to learn a vocation vs just studying for college. He pounded the streets and businesses of Houston and found companies willing to hire high school students and teach them a good skill to allow themselves a better life after high school. Mr. Gaines, he taught us the principles of working out in the world. How to make and balance a budget. How to grow and advance in the business world by respecting ourselves and respecting others.

1980 THE BIRTH OF A NEW SERVICE COMPANY – R.A. TECH SERVICES. After working with an international freight forwarder and becoming involved in a FAA investigation regarding shipping of improperly packaged hazardous materials. I was convinced by the regional inspector that there was a need for a service company to properly educate and handle materials identified as hazardous and or dangerous for transportation. As a result of being involved in the investigation where a chemical company has improperly packaged materials and attempted to ship them and pressure me to ship them by reporting me to the FAA as being uncooperative, there was a major investigation. The chemical company was heavily fined and I started what has now grown to be known thru out the world as Inc.